1. I want to breathe fresh air.

2. You walk outside and bring dirt inside the car.These dirt causes air pollution inside your car resulting in the breeding place for bacteria or fungs .Our air purifier bag solves this micro breeding problem by absorbing the pollutant in the first phase .

3. Pollutant inside the car occur in many ways like sneezing inside the car or your car may carry vegetables or fruits containing pesticidies.We still breathe these pollutant which cannot be seen or felt. But our Micro Natural air purifying bag has the capacity to absorb up to 0.001 micron dia sizes of pollutants than no other best air filter in the world does.Even HEPA filter which we use inside our car cabin can’t absorb these much small size gases or pollutants.Thus it is best to be used inside our car.

4. Car interiors are made up of plastics (steering, dash boards, car seat &mat etc)when exposed to excessive sunlight emits Voc (Volatile organic compounds ) gases like nitro benzene, toluene &formaldehyde which is harmful to human body are effectively absorbed by our micro natural bag.

5. Activated carbon emits negative ions which is good for physical and mental health. It act as a barrier form bad Electromagnetic radiation emitted from your car speakers,remote,Gps&gadgets etc.Electro magnetic radiation is of two types the good and the bad. Normal earth frequency emits good radiation. Schuman simulator is used by NASA Astronaut to emit good electromagnetic radiation in space.You can find negative ions near an ocean,water falls etc.thats why people use fountain in their home.These negative ions are invisible healers. They enhance our mood provide relief from hay fever,sinusitis,bronchial asthma,allergies&migraines &refer
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6. Research in Japan and USA concluded that activated carbon is one of the source for Far infrared rays.In ancient times Yogi do palm healing using Far infrared rays.It cures much of the stiffness,aches&sores that comes while aging.It’s antibacterial effect removes the source of asthma or nose allergy.


7. Most car has a cabin filter, which is used to absorb only dirt .The odours and other voc (volatile organic compound)gases cannot be absorbed by these filters,Hence we need to use Activated carbon filter.This problem can be solved by using our Micro natural air purifying bag.One biggest advantage is this air purifying bag works without power supply and works even when the air condition is off. But our inbuilt car’s cabin filter works only when the air condition system is ON.Thus our Micro Natural bag works in all conditions and helps people breathe fresh air.

8. Air refreshers which we generally use inside our car produces good smell along with certain voc gases. But still we inhale those gases it affect our lungs.This problem can be solved by using our air purifying bag.This bag absorbs all the harmful gases emitted from the air refresher.Thus we are safer inside our car.

Pollution inside the car can occur in many ways like sneezing, bringing bacteria inside through footwear, spilling &carrying foodstuffs containing pesticides etc., These cause infections in respiratory tract. Our air purifying bag solves this microbial breeding problem by absorbing the pollutants like bacteria, voc gases and odours from the air.


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