1. Does the bag absorbs the voc immediately?

Yes, the MicroNatural bag starts to adsorb the voc(volatile organic compounds)gases once opened from the pack.But it takes some time to neturalize because the air must pass through the bag.Each time the air fall on the bag the pollutants get trapped and air gets purified.

2. What are VOC?

Volatile organic compounds they are gases emitted from plastics, leather, rubber paints, new furniture varnishes mostly from all possible new household items.

3. What does the bag absorb?

Technically the bag Adsorbs,its different from absorbs.The bag works like a magnet attracts all voc gases like benzene,toluene& formaldehyde etc and odours like cigeratte smell,musty smell,shoe smell etc.

4. How to rid off smell immediately in my car?

Just place the bag inside your car where air can pass through or install it in the rear head.Now open the window glass of your car,you can see the odour disappearing faster.When you park the car lower the window glass it works better.

5. Can the bag used in my home?

Sure it’s a multipurpose air purifying bag it can be used in the Car, Hall,Bed room,AC room,Toilet,Wardrobe,Refrigerator,kids diaper pail,kitchen area,Gym bag,shoes etc.in all areas where odour has to be removed.But remember atleat some air must pass near the bag.This product is made to adsorb voc(volatile organic compounds)gases. But still it can adsorb odour in long run.

6. Do I have any side effects using this bag?

No this bag is filled with 100% virgin activated carbon.This product is reengineered to absorb and trap more odours without adding chemicals. Our product is asthma and allergy friendly.

7. How far you product is different from other product?

We challenge no other products in the world can perform better than our product. No chemical is added. Beware in the market who sells cheap activated carbon with added chemical to perform better which is bad for health.Our product is natural.

8. How long can we can use the bag?

You can reuse upto 2 long years.

9. How to reuse the bag?

To rejuvenate place the bag under direct sunlight once a month for at least two hour.Dont worry about the climate. Just the bag need the UV rays of the sun. We recommend flipping over the Micro Natural bag occasionally while it is in the sun so all the carbon can rejuvenate. Likewise you can use the bag up to 2 years.

10. I left my Micro natural bag in rain what to do?

Don’t worry just put the bag under hot sun. Once it is dried it starts to function as before with little degradation in performance.

11. What to do with the Micronatural bag after 2 years of use?

Cut the bag and pour the activated carbon in the flower pot or mix in the soil.

12. Can I eat the activated carbon?

No you should not eat it.Even though Activated carbon is used in medical field to cure many diseases.It is not medical grade so you can’t eat it.


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Micro Natural is a air purifying bag which is filled with100% virgin activated carbon. This product is reengineered after extensive research to obtain more pore area which suits the air purifying purpose.


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