Micro Natural is a air purifying bag which is filled with 100% virgin activated carbon. This product is reengineered after extensive research to obtain more pore area which suits the air purifying purpose. Activated carbon has wide application like air purification and water filtration. Our Micro Natural air purifying bag is the best air purifying bags in the world. Our motto is to make people breathe fresh air and make a happy living.

How the air purifying bag works

When air passes through the air purifying bag ,the pollutants in the air which has positive ions gets attracted into the bag of activated carbon which is emitting negative ions.Since the virgin activated carbon has millions of openings, all the pollutant are trapped inside the pores of activated carbon. It works like a magnet. More the air reaches near the bag more the air gets purified and the odour gets absorbed .Micro Natural air purifying bag can be reused up to 2 years. Our single gram activated carbon has 10,000 sq surface areas. Our product has 240 grams which has the capacity to clean more than 50 acre of land.

Tips for effective working

1- It is recommended to lower the window glass slightly when you park the car.

2-When the air-condition is on make sure that outside air passes inside your car for at least one minute for every one hour to make the air purification better.

3-Lowering the window glass is not mandatory to purify the air. However lowering the window glass frequently, when the car is in motion helps the bag to remove pollutants faster and purify the air. More the air reaches near the bag more the air gets purified.

4-To rejuvenate place the bag under direct sunlight once a month for at least two hours.Dont worry about the climate. Just the bag need the UV rays of the sun. We recommend flipping over the Micro Natural bag occasionally while it is in the sun so all the activated carbon can rejuvenate.Like wise you can use the bag up to 2 years.If you feel the contaminant is more inside the car just place the bag under the sun for two hours every 15 days to get rejuvenated.


To guide people by offering natural products those are environment friendly.


To help people breathe healthy air.


To maintain good standard with all the internal and external customers.

Corporate values

We believe in the system of Openness, Trust& Proactivity. Good practice can attract more customers.


To make unique products and make the user inspire. We are capable of achieving this with our scientist in U.S.A and India.

Facts about MicroNatural

Micronatural Air purifying bag is made up of activated carbon.We specialize in sourcing the world’s best raw materials that are ASTM certified(Amercian standard Testing Material).


How to check whether my Micro natural bag is working

1. You can find the freshness in the air in a month time.

2. The color of the bag may change it means that the bag is attracting more pollutants and purifying better.

3. Just place the bag any where inside your refrigerator. In a month time you can find 100%odour free and freshness in your refrigerator. Activated carbon absorbs the entire bad odour and ethylene gas emitted from fruits and vegetables thus increases their shelf life. These are the simple ways to test the products function.

Is it healthy to use the air purifier bag

Micro natural bag is filled with activated carbon which is natural and eco friendly. The outside bag is made up of 100% virgin nonwoven bag. Hence it is healthy to use the bag.

How we differ from others:

We differ from others by offering silver impregnated activated carbon and unique formula that makes our product as the best among others. Activated carbon absorbs the bacteria,gases &odour and Silver destroys the bacteria.

Certificate of product Quality

We got Non exothermic and Non exothermic oxidation certificate.Which means no health issues to the user of our product. ASTM certified(Amercian standard Testing Material).We help the occupant breathe clean air.

Why Micronatural

To help people breathe healthy air.To prevent bacteria, poisonous gas and bad odour entering our lungs.

Unique selling proposition

To help people breathe healthy air.To prevent bacteria, poisonous gas and bad odour entering our lungs.No more bacteria from footwear and food spills inside the car.
No more poisonous gases by parking vehicle under hot sun.
No more blood clots-Far Infra red rays emitted from our activated carbon helps blood circulation.
No more radiation-From all electronic gadgets inside the vehicle.
No more tiredness-Air feels fresh even in long drive.
No more odour.

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